Specialty Design-Build: Church Grotto

This was a very special project for us. ONE was called upon to conceptualize, engineer and build a very unique structure. While we take great pride in every project we work on, whether it be residential or commercial, this one was really special and stands out from the rest quite obviously.

Typically, our clients need us to help them to update their surroundings, build them a new one, or ready their property to maximize sale price/timing. This client required something all together different. We were charged with conceptualizing, engineering, and building a structure that's meant to inspire people of faith for years to come. The scope of this work was even more unusual in that we needed to come up with some exceptionally innovative solutions to create the finished product. As much as we taught, we learned.

The idea for this project was envisioned by Hikmat Yacu of Mart Miriam church in Northbrook, Il. He and his family were the benefactors who contributed so much time, effort, and funds to see this project through from concept to consecration. We at The ONE Group are very proud to have been chosen to create this wonderful edifice. It was our honor to contribute and donate in this effort.